Services Offered

For our commercial clients, Newlon Metals, Inc. can provide on-site roll-off containers in various sizes. We will work with you to pr40-yard-open-topovide a container that fits the amount and type of material to be recycled. We can arrange a pick up schedule that fits your needs. Whether it is weekly, monthly or on an as needed basis.





For warehouse and factory customers, Newlon Metals, Inc. can provide containers of various shapes and sizes that can be placed indoors. We will work with each client on an individual basis to deterHoppermine the size and style of containers needed, as well as an appropriate schedule for drop-off and pick up.




We utilize the latest in alloy testing equipment to ensure precise material identification. The Niton® XRF AnalAnalyzer1yzer and Optical Emission Spectrometer allow for testing of numerous materials within seconds to determine the compositional makeup.




Give us a call and we can set up a personal consultation to determine how we can help you maximize your return.